Irish Cold Brew Coffee

Irish Cold Brew Coffee for St. Patrick’s day

Irish Cold Brew Coffee is the way to go this St. Patty’s day. Don’t serve the same old food drenched with green food coloring, poor quality beer, and plastic four leaf clovers sprinkled round about. Why not choose a mixed drink that is legitimate and consolidates two of the best substances on the planet: cold brew coffee and Irish whiskey? Goodness yes, we are talking about Irish coffee from the Emerald Isle!

Initially poured in the 1940s by Joe Sheridan, a head chef in Foynes, County Limerick for sailors passing through a terminal airplane nearby, the drink is all you could ask for in a warm, late winter mixed drink – jazzed and drunk.

Need we say more? Read on for this delicious Irish Cold Brew Coffee.

What You Will Need:

Making Your Irish Cold Brew Coffee

Here’s the quickest way to get started with cold brew coffee:

  1. Brew your coffee cold with the Madesco Labs coffee filter.
  2. Put 1 cup of medium grind coffee into the Madesco Labs filter.
  3. Place filter with coffee grind into 1.5 quarts fresh cool water.
  4. Let steep 12 to 24 hours.
  5. Refrigerate.

Mixing Your Irish Coffee

  1. Use 1 cup of cold brew coffee from your fresh batch and warm to your desired temperature.
  2. Add a shot of Irish whiskey with your coffee and stir.

Top it off with whipped cream and enjoy.

Getting Started With Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is the most healthy and richest way to enjoy your coffee. Preserve all your coffee bean’s natural oils and antioxidants by brewing your next coffee with the Madesco Lab’s coffee filters. To find out how you can get started with a tasty and healthy cup of coffee every day click here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!