Industrial Size Filters

You Too Can Make Good Iced Coffee

Introducing the New Madesco Super-sized 5-Gallon “Senior Grande” Reusable Cold-brew Coffee Filter! The long-awaited industrial size is finally here! Designed for our fellow restaurant owner’s who longed for a super-sized cold brew coffee filter and liner sleeve, the Senior Grande features all of the wonderful benefits found in our original size filters. Simply grab an industrial bucket or Toddy container and use your “plus-sized” filtered pouch to make several batches of delicious cold brew coffee or coffee concentrate. Click here to order your Senior Grande filters now!

Our cold brew coffee filters are specifically tailored for cold coffee brewing (not a converted nut-milk bag). It is also more affordable than competing restaurant/industrial cold-brew coffee systems and is reusable. No need for ongoing filter purchases! Made with a durable natural cotton blend containing no harmful chemicals or bleaching, you’re sure to make healthy and delicious cold brew coffee. Follow the directions below to brew quality cold coffee.


  1. Pour the desired quantity of quality, medium-grind coffee, into the coffee pouch’s inner liner sleeve, making sure all the coffee settles into the pouch’s bottom.
  2. Pour fresh cool water into the pouch, making sure to thoroughly saturate all the coffee grounds. For cold-brew coffee, proportions are 5 to 1, water to coffee. And for cold-brew concentrate, it’s 4 to 1. (Feel free to adjust proportions to accommodate personal tastes and coffee variations).
  3. Pull drawstrings to close the liner sleeve, then draw the outer filter bag’s drawstrings.
  4. Immerse the bag and inner liner sleeve into the fresh cool water while you find something to do for 16 hours and all the magic takes place. No need to shake or stir the water once all the coffee is saturated and almost fully immersed – nature’s dispersive forces do all the mixing for you (a little science here).
  5. Once made, store your cold brew in the cooler – it really does store marvelously – keeping a lid on it to avoid fridge smells and pesky oxygen.

Restaurant Style Recipes Using Cold Brew Coffee

Turn your coffee house into the town craze by creating unique drinks and treats with cold brew coffee! Download the FREE “Cooking with Cold Brew Coffee” ebook complete with over 70 cooking and beverage recipes, “how-to’s” and secret tips from the Madesco cold-brew pros. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for coffee ideas and inspiration!

Madesco’s Senior Grande Filter is easy, safe and affordable. Click here to order your Senior Grande Cold Brew Coffee Filter now!

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Madesco Super-sized 5-Gallon “Senior Grande” Restaurant Grade Reusable Cold-brew Coffee Filter (and reusable liner sleeve)


Meet the Senior Grande! This “plus-sized” filter pouch (you supply the bucket or use your Toddy container) renders batches of exquisite cold-brewed coffee (or coffee concentrate) in volumes up to five gallons while still providing Madesco’s signature smooth flavor, rich undertones, and eliminates the bitterness that arises when coffee beans are assaulted by scalding water.

  • Specifically tailored for cold coffee brewing (not a converted nut-milk bag).
  • Affordable, durable and reusable.
  • Natural cotton blend, no bleaching, no harmful chemicals.
  • Make large batches of delicious cold-brew coffee, different coffees, and extended life.
  • Reusable – no subsequent ongoing filter purchases required.

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Madesco’s “BIG DADDY” Restaurant Grade Coffee (bucket/dispenser not included) (2 FILTERS)


Big Daddy Filters


Madesco’s new, and largest, REUSABLE commercial cold brew filter now MUCH BIGGER! TWO Double-lined 12″x20″ SUPER-SIZED Madesco filters per package.

Unlike others’, our highly regarded reusable filters are lined to provide a 2-ply “second line of defense” against fine grounds making their way into the brew.

Sturdy construction easily withstands rigors of repeated use. Natural cotton blend, no bleaching, no harmful chemicals.


  • 3 FREE BONUS BOOKS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO! – A link on our Madescolabs homepage directs Amazon customers to all three downloadable recipe books. Product packaging includes easy instructions, and the Madescolabs homepage provides a video with a step-by-step cold-brew coffee brewer’s demonstration.
  • Madesco – a name synonymous with cold-brew coffee among the pros. LIMITED WIDTH IS KEY – ours at 12 inches ensures most all the coffee is less than 3 inches from surrounding water. We lengthened our highly regarded 2-ply commercial without sacrificing optimal water exposure afforded by a contained width. A 2-ply construct better handles repeated uses than do others’ single ply filters. Easily make 5-plus gallon batches of delicious cold brew coffee, different coffees, and extended life.
  • More affordable than competing restaurant/industrial cold brew coffee systems.
  • Reusable – no subsequent ongoing filter purchases required. See Madesco’s other listing for bundled dispenser/brewer and commercial filter 2-pack.

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