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I have been doing some studies about this product and have found out that this had a great reputation in the market and lot of people recommend this product to their friend. The fact that it is versatile adds to the popularity of this particular product. Not to forget, this product also helps us to make a different kind of coffee and saves a lot of time and money. Click here to read the full review.

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Coffee may be receiving an unwarranted snub in some circles, say health experts at “Authority Nutrition.” The culprit behind acid reflux may be more about the way the coffee is brewed. Health experts explain how cold-brewed coffee may offer significant health benefits over its hot counterpart. Click here to read the full review.


Cold brew really is this simple. Don’t waste your money buying those expensive bottles at the grocery store. Cold brew coffee is not rocket science. Click here to see the full article review here.

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“Best way to make small batch cold brew coffee”

I literally spent two months experimenting with different methods and hardware to perfect a quick and easy method for cold brewing. I find these bags are far far better than a nut bag or the Toddy filter system. See the full review for The Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter Pouches

“Smooth, Full Bodied, Flavorful Coffee with No Bitter After Taste”

I made a pitcher of “cold brew” refrigerator coffee in my Madesco bag last night for this morning. I’m so impressed! The cold brew process with this bag is easy to do, clean, and enjoy with the benefits of some left over coffee for an iced coffee drink later in the day. Plus there is an added health benefit to enjoying a cold brew coffee. I’m loving the Madesco bags and plan on gifting them to my fellow coffee lovers over the holiday. Thanks Madesco!  See the full review for The Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter Pouches

“I Will Never Go Back to Instant Coffee After Using This!”

Wow!! I will never buy instant coffee ever again!! I really mean that and I was an instant coffee kind person for years. I would say back in 2006 is when I started getting into the routine of having coffee on the daily and bought me a coffee pot and all the supplies to make coffee at home. Well after using this reusable cold brew coffee filter that comes in a two pack, I had my first best tasting coffee ever! See the full review for The Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter Pouches

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