Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew Coffee

Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew Coffee

Is your valentine a caffeine addict? Then what better gesture is there than serving them up a romantic cup of Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew Coffee. This delicious and uplifting drink is sure to make them feel treasured this Valentine’s Day. You can make it extra special by using our gourmet cold brew coffee.

Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew Coffee Ingredients:

  • 1 cup Code Blue Coffee
  • A jar of maraschino cherries
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Cherry flavoured brandy
  • Whipped cream (of course)

Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew Coffee Recipe:

First whip up a batch of code blue coffee, by adding 1 cup of coffee to 1.5 quarts of fresh water. It’s best to do this the day before Valentine’s Day so that it can steep for 12 to 24 hours.

When you’re ready to serve the drink fill a mug ¾ full of your artisanal cold brew coffee.

Add two tablespoons of chocolate syrup to give the drink a lovely decadent flavour.

The next thing you are going to add is one tablespoon of the syrup that the maraschino cherries are steeped in.

Finally, you want to add about a tablespoon of your cherry brandy.

Once you have given it a good stir you will want to take a moment to taste your creation at this point. Depending on how strong your cherry brandy is you may decide to add a little more.

The last step is to finish off your creation with an artistic topping off whipped cream and of course, it would not be complete without the requisite cherry on top.

Serve up your creation and wait with baited breath to find out just how much your Valentine loves your thoughtful gesture.

If you and your Valentine really like your coffee to pack a real punch of coffee flavour then why not make some code blue concentrate into ice cubes.

Code Blue Coffee Ice Cubes

Take your 1 cup of coffee but only add it to 1 quart of water. Once it has steeped for 12 to 24 hours this is your concentrate.

Then use this to make ice cubes to float in your chocolate and cherry coffee. That way as things start heating up between you and your valentine, the ice cubes will melt making your coffee even more flavourful.

To get the most out of this recipe use our specialty filter pouches, they are reusable and specifically designed for brewing top-notch cold brew coffee.

With these filters, you can easily scale down (or up) the amount of coffee you make so that you have extra when you find that your valentine falls head over heels for your coffee.

To really seal the deal, we recommend using our Madesco “Code Blue” cold brew Artisanal ground coffee.


Our specially roasted, artisan ground blend has been specially formulated to produce the best cup of iced coffee either of you has ever tasted, it is bound to leave a lasting impression and will help to make this valentine’s day a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

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