Productivity with Cold Brew Coffee

Boost Office Productivity with Cold Brew Coffee

Almost 90% of office workers report that they don’t feel awake until they’ve had their first cup of coffee in the morning. This is one of the many reasons why it is a good idea to provide coffee to your employees.

You may, however, wish to consider something a little more crowd-pleasing than just having a coffee machine in the corner of the office. If you want to get the maximum benefits of providing coffee to your employees then here are a few reasons why you may want to treat them to our rich Madesco cold-brew coffee.

Good coffee is a comparatively cheap perk to offer, but it is one of the most valued by employees. Obviously, you are not going to bag a star employee just because of the coffee you offer but, offering good coffee will improve the happiness and therefore the productivity and loyalty of your employees. According to the national coffee Association, approximately 50% of workers are unsatisfied with the quality of coffee that is provided within their office. That means that about 50% of employers are spending money on a perk that is not having the intended effect. By taking the time to provide your employees with their daily cup of Joe, in a delightfully different but devilishly delicious way, you’ll be showing your employees that they are valued.

We all know that coffee is a wonderful pick me up first thing in the morning. Given that so many of us don’t feel awake until we’ve had that first cup, providing your employees with cold-brew coffee is a great solution. When your workers arrive in the morning, they can simply go to the refrigerator and remove the coffee that was prepared the night before. They don’t have to attempt to operate the coffee machine whilst not quite awake yet. I’m sure more than one coffee machine has died a death from being operated by semi-comatose workers! With our cold-brew coffees, you have nothing to worry about; it could be prepared the night before, or made each morning after your workers have woken up!

As well as waking your employees up, the caffeine inside coffee has been shown to have several positive effects for office workers. It has been shown that caffeine can reduce the pain associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time and it can help with memory consolidation (in other words it makes people better learners).

The final reason that you may wish to consider offering Madesco cold-brew coffee to your employees over the cheap and let’s face it, tasteless options out there are that coffee drinking habits are changing. The workers that now make up the bulk of the workforce are drinking less coffee in total, but they are drinking more gourmet coffee. They prefer to drink their coffee in smaller volumes but with a strong leaning towards options that are innovative and specialized.

So it seems clear that if you want to get the most out if your team, you should be providing them with a specialist coffee option that is easy to make and a pleasure to drink.


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