Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System

Madesco’s answer to restaurant owners’ demand for a super-sized cold brew coffee filter and liner sleeve and that exhibits Madesco’s hallmark tailored filter construction features.

Cold Brew Coffee System

A restaurant-grade cold-brew coffee combo that combines Madesco’s 5 gallon brewer/dispenser with 2 specially tailored Madesco 5-gallon capacity restaurant-grade Senior Grande reusable cold brew coffee filters and liners. The “plus-sized” filters and liners, along with the brewer/dispenser, enables you to render large batches of exquisite cold-brewed coffee (or coffee concentrate) in volumes up to five gallons while still providing Madesco’s signature smooth flavor, rich undertones and eliminating the bitterness that results whenever coffee beans are assaulted by scalding water.

Cold Brew Coffee System 2

For a mellow flavor with hints of caramel choose just the right bean, medium or coarse grind. Baristas pour cold-brew onto ice for a refreshing pick-me-up or steep an extra-strong batch for concentrate to add to frothy steamed milk for an exceedingly smooth cappuccino. Chefs add the concentrate to ice cream, whipped cream, icings, Mexican mole, Barbecue sauce, chili, any other dishes looking for a touch of “cold brew coffee magic.”

Cold Brew Coffee

Directions: Pour a desired quantity of quality ground coffee, into the coffee pouch’s inner liner sleeve, making sure all the coffee settles into the pouch’s bottom. Pour/stir cool fresh water into the pouch, making sure to thoroughly saturate all the coffee grounds. For cold-brew coffee, proportions are 5 to 1, water to coffee. For cold-brew concentrate it’s 4 to 1. (Feel free to adjust proportions to accommodate personal tastes and coffee variations). Pull drawstrings to close the liner sleeve, then draw the outer filter bag’s drawstrings. Immerse the filter bag & liner sleeve into cool fresh water. Find something to do for 16 hours while all the magic takes place. No need to shake or stir the water once all the coffee is saturated and fully immersed – nature’s dispersive forces do all the mixing for you (a little science here). Once made, store your cold brew in the cooler – it really does store marvelously – keeping a lid on it to avoid fridge smells and pesky oxygen.

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