Madesco’s “BIG DADDY” Restaurant Grade Coffee (bucket/dispenser not included) (2 FILTERS)


Big Daddy Filters


Madesco’s new, and largest, REUSABLE commercial cold brew filter now MUCH BIGGER! TWO Double-lined 12″x20″ SUPER-SIZED Madesco filters per package.

Unlike others’, our highly regarded reusable filters are lined to provide a 2-ply “second line of defense” against fine grounds making their way into the brew.

Sturdy construction easily withstands rigors of repeated use. Natural cotton blend, no bleaching, no harmful chemicals.


  • 3 FREE BONUS BOOKS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO! – A link on our Madescolabs homepage directs Amazon customers to all three downloadable recipe books. Product packaging includes easy instructions, and the Madescolabs homepage provides a video with a step-by-step cold-brew coffee brewer’s demonstration.
  • Madesco – a name synonymous with cold-brew coffee among the pros. LIMITED WIDTH IS KEY – ours at 12 inches ensures most all the coffee is less than 3 inches from surrounding water. We lengthened our highly regarded 2-ply commercial without sacrificing optimal water exposure afforded by a contained width. A 2-ply construct better handles repeated uses than do others’ single ply filters. Easily make 5-plus gallon batches of delicious cold brew coffee, different coffees, and extended life.
  • More affordable than competing restaurant/industrial cold brew coffee systems.
  • Reusable – no subsequent ongoing filter purchases required. See Madesco’s other listing for bundled dispenser/brewer and commercial filter 2-pack.

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