A woman sneezed as she holds her coffee

Cold Brew Coffee for Allergies?

Ever on the lookout to keep irritants out of our lives (and lungs) cold brew coffee drinkers appear to be in luck! Cold brew coffee to their rescue!

Changes in the body’s caffeine level affects allergy symptoms – and a refreshing glass of cold-brewed coffee may clear one’s respiratory system – here’s how: Our lungs, skin and internal body tissues often react to cat hair and pollen as though they’re foreign invaders. A cold-brewed coffee may help quell such an allergic reaction.

Caffeine for Better Breathing?

Allergic contact raises histamine levels in the body resulting in coughs, congestion, eye and nose irritation, itchy skin and panting – an inflammatory response by your body. Caffeine, it turns out, bears a similarity to Theophylline, a prescription medication used in improving respiratory problems. It has also been used in the management of certain types of asthma.

Caffeine and Heart Health

Caffeine is a great kick-starter and a study performed by the University of California San Francisco reveals that coffee doesn’t cause disturbances in your cardiac rhythm.

Big Gulp?

Although caffeine has many health benefits – including assisting in allergy symptoms – moderation is always important. In fact, caffeine is measured in weight for medical therapy for toddlers with respiratory problems. Though caffeine may improve lung problems arising from allergic reactions, care should nonetheless be exercised, and always heed your doctor’s advice. Just don’t forget to mention to him the fact that, in addition to possible health benefits, cold brew coffee is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!