Cold Brew Coffee Infographic

Cold Brew Coffee Infographic – Why Cold Is Better

This Cold Brew Coffee Infographic gives you a great snapshot of why it’s better to brew your coffee cold, rather than with boiling hot water. Check out the Cold Brew Coffee Infographic below for 5 Reasons Why You should drink cold brew.

Cold Brew Coffee Infographic Shares 5 Reasons to Brew Cold

Cold Brew Coffee Infographic

Cold Brew Coffee Tastes Better

Because you’re not using scalding hot water on the coffee beans, the beans don’t release acidic compounds that make your coffee taste bitter. Instead you get a smooth, rich and even chocolaty taste!

Cold Brew Coffee Is Less Acidic

Cold brew coffee 62% less acidic making it easier on your teeth. Smile! No more coffee stains.

You Can Use Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in Recipes

Because you have preserved all the smooth flavors in your coffee by brewing cold, you can use the coffee concentrate in all your cooking and baking. You can use it to mix smoothies, protein shakes and alcoholic drinks. Add it to your 3 or 5 course meal; appetizers, roasts, stews, gravies, and all kinds of desserts! To learn how to make coffee concentrate click here. You can also download our “Cooking with Cold Brew Coffee” recipe book to get a variety of cold brew coffee recipes.

Cold Brew Coffee Is Healthier

Brewing your coffee cold helps retain all the healthy protein compounds and antioxidants in your coffee. Caffeine has been proven to lead to a lot of health benefits such as:

  • Increased Mental Wellness
  • Improved Athletic Performance
  • Increased Focused
  • Lowered Risk of Some Cancers
  • Lowered Risk of Alzheimer Disease
  • Lowered Risk of Diabetes, Stroke and Heart Disease

Cold Brew Coffee Stays Fresh Longer

When you brew your coffee cold, it can last up to two weeks when stored in the fridge! That will stretch your dollar.

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