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The “Skinny”: Why Cold-brew Coffee Fans are Slender

If you’re a coffee lover who’s determined to lose weight, read on!

Grab a cold-brewed coffee before going to the gym. Yes – coffee made from cold water. Surprisingly, cold brew coffee contains many antioxidants and healthy body boosters for better workouts. Skip the shakes and vitamin waters – simply power-up with a cold brew and head for the gym.

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

Did you know that cold brew coffee is a lot healthier than coffee brewed hot? Brewing coffee at high temperatures cause chemical changes in the coffee beans, hence the bitter coffee taste. The oils in coffee experience “oxidization” at higher temperatures – breaking down the fat in coffee oils into acid. That’s why cold brew tastes better and is healthier.

Caffeine Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine automatically boosts your metabolism – and the faster your metabolism, the quicker you burn fat! The caffeine in your cold brew coffee powers calorie-burning throughout the day!

Caffeine Increases Focus

You likely already knew this – it’s no coincidence you can’t wait to clear your head with a shot of caffeine in the morning. Caffeine stirs mental focus. Studies support caffeine’s contribution to increased performance, helping athletes to train longer and perform with faster, better results. You’ll achieve better form, lift more weights, and successfully complete your 60-minute workout. If “winning the battle in your mind” is the first step to winning, cold brew is a champion’s clear choice!

Caffeine Aids in Suppressing Your Appetite

Eating less drops pounds. Caffeine naturally suppresses your appetite and you take in fewer calories. Cold brew coffee is a healthy caffeine source that leads to smaller portions of food. (Your waistline will thank you.)

Avoid the Sugar or Cream

Consider adding stevia as a sweetener with almond milk rather than the usual white sugar and cream to stave off calories. The natural sweetener from Brazil’s stevia plant comes with no calories and it is readily available (and reasonably priced) at your local supermarket.

Remember to Drink Water During and After Your Workout

After fueling your body with cold brew coffee, drink water periodically throughout and following your workout for optimal hydration. Then finish off with a healthy meal that includes protein and lots of vegetables – hey, you earned it!

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