Valentine's Day Cold Brew Coffee

3 Reasons Your Local Coffee Shop is the Sweetest Spot on Valentines Day

#coffeelove – A hashtag that pays tribute to coffee art and random selfies with your local barista. Consider how coffee enriches your social connections both off and online – a kind of Zen symbol for relationships. There’s a cup of coffee in-hand as you kiss your spouse, partner or kids goodbye in the morning. Coffee joins you at your laptop as you commiserate with colleagues about workload in the staff lounge.  Then there are those glorious sunny afternoons as you catch up with an old friend! Surely, coffee is ever in our midst. We adore our trusted corner cafe and we relish mornings after working around the clock into the moonlight when our barista is there to share his artistry – a creamy drink drizzled with heart shaped froth. Your Local Coffee Shop Is the Sweetest Spot for Valentine’s Day!

Coffee love is “the real deal” – may it ever grace your face with a warm smile. So this Valentine’s day pay tribute to both of your lives – recognizing coffee’s place in your special moments. Here are three great tips for coffee dates:

1) Frugal Indulgence.

Go ahead and order the super grande with extra whipped cream and caramel on top. Paying for a coffee date with your Valentine is much more economical than a regular encounter at a fancy steak house. Take advantage of the savings and splurge on a deeper and wider cup with extra toppings. Pair with a pastry or light sandwich. The mood lighting, acoustic sounds, and cozy setting helps to create an intimate experience for you and your date.

2) Find Someone Special

If you’re looking for love, a coffee shop is a great place to network, mingle and bump into someone and light a spark. Coffee shops tend to be the hangout out for a lot of students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate travelers. You would be surprised the magic you can create simply by striking up a conversation. Our recommendation is to stay away from politics and religion and comment on something more trivial, such as the book you’ve been reading for the past hour, a yummy pastry, and, of course, the weather. Seek to find a common connection. Be natural, relax and breathe. Let the conversation flow and you’ll be sure to make a new friend or love interest.

3) Hearts and Health

And so it begins…intriguing conversations, locked eyes, and fulfilling friendships around a cup of coffee.  To enjoy a smoother experience, we suggest requesting a coffee brewed in cold water rather than hot. Madesco’s cold brew coffee filters help you preserve all the healthy oils and nutrients in your drink for a much more delicious taste and experience. If you’re a local restaurant, you can get your supply of filters here or tell your Coffeehouse manager about the Madesco Cold Brew Coffee filter.